Saturday, February 5, 2011

Years of Interest

Certain years of interest have been mentioned in science and news articles from time to time, but do not seem to get much attention. Several of these years involve significant risks of space object collisions with Earth. Some involve other significant events in space that are predicted to become visible from Earth or cause unusual effects upon the earth. Most articles you find on these matters will downplay the likelihood of an impact. They will instead describe close approaches or near misses. A few of these years of interest are 2011, 2012, 2022, 2029, 2033, and 2036.

Then, there is one specific date in which I have a personal interest, but I have not yet discovered the significance of the date. In fact, it could be two dates or even three, depending on whether or not you reset the conventional calendar at the meridian of time. If you do reset the calendar, the date would depend on whether or not you count from year zero or from the year AD 1. That date is 30 August 6045, or perhaps it is 30 August 2045 or 2044. I believe there will be at least one day or one event in the near future from which we will again reset the calendar, but I do not think that event will occur on this date. That event will likely come a bit later, but perhaps sooner.

However, observe this. For decades, and for centuries, prophets have raised a warning voice regarding calamities to befall the world as a direct consequence of iniquitous practices among Earth's inhabitants. We, as a global society, have largely ignored such warnings. What does it take to get our attention?

The next level is the voice of terrestrial forces of nature becoming increasingly destabilized. We are witnessing that at present. But we, as a global society, are not heeding the warning signs. Mankind insists on ignoring the messages delivered by the unsettled geological and meteorological conditions. If we have refused to heed the warnings of prophetic voices, and now we refuse to heed the warning signs foretold by those prophetic voices, then it stands to reason that things will step up to a whole new level.

Again, what will it take to get our attention? When things escalate to a whole new level, we will be dealing with more than terrestrial events. There are plenty of things beyond the thin blanket of our atmosphere that go bump in the night, or in broad daylight. Yet we are the children pulling the thin blanket over our heads, as if that thin veil between us and what could destroy us will actually protect us from the menacing terrors hurling at us out of our closets and from out of our view as the storms rage upon our blinded minds and our deafened ears and our sightless eyes. We refuse to understand what is right in front of us. We fail to comprehend what is happening all around us.

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