Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Illuminati and Illumicorp Exposed on YouTube Videos

YouTube has a plethora of relevant video clips, video tutorials, and news reels regarding practically any subject under the sun. I particularly appreciate some of the conspiracy videos on YouTube. Here are a couple of YouTube videos you may find interesting. In fact, I think these YouTube video clips are more than just interesting. I feel they are imperative for anyone concerned about what is happening right under or noses. Worse yet, we are letting it happen, perhaps even pushing it to fruition.

The first of these YouTube videos is called Illumicorp Intro, Part 1. The second alarming YouTube video is titled Illumicorp Intro, Part 2. These YouTube videos appear to be orientation training videos for newly initiated members of the secret society called the Illuminati and in particular, an arm of that organization called Illumicorp. The narrator in these YouTube videos instructs the new initiates on how to control you, the average citizen, and how to force you to conform to their so called Great Plan. This is undiluted evil. There is no other way to describe it.

Do not be lulled into the trap of believing anyone who claims our top government officials are merely ignorant and well-meaning but misguided pawns and puppets in this larger game of conspiracy. Not so. They are active contributors to the plot for a one world government that opposes every individual liberty and freedom. Under the Barrack Hussein Obama Administration, our executive branch and a significant portion of our legislative and judicial branches of government are flagrant saboteurs of our constitution and your rights as an individual citizen.

Many of our so called elected officials and many of their appointed officials openly embrace the socialist and fascist ideologies that underpin the movement toward a central, global government by world elitists. There is no "we the people" in this so called Great Plan. There is no Utopia at the end of this rainbow. There is nothing but oppression and censorship and every associated atrocity. Our so called FEMA camps are modeled after the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camps.

Some circles of influence are already suggesting that citizens who store more than one week's worth of food, water, and survival supplies should be flagged as terrorists. That means the entire Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly called the Mormon Church or LDS Church, would be officially labeled a terrorist organization. For decades, the LDS Church has been warning of dire circumstances that will make it necessary for individuals and families to have personal storage of at least one year, preferably two years of food, water, emergency supplies, and fuel where possible.

The LDS church has also foretold of the need for individual mobile emergency kits consisting of anywhere from three days to seven days, preferably seven days' worth of supplies. Self sufficiency and self reliance are the goals, and these are increasingly vital goals to pursue. As in all things worthy of forethought and honest effort, there will be opposition. Do it anyway. Oppose the opposition. Just do it, and if you can, do it quietly.

You can search more about this newsworthy topic on Google by typing the keywords Fed interest in food storage facility connected to FEMA executive order 10999. You can also view the article dated Friday, 9 December, 2011 by Kurt Nimmo on Alex Jones' Info Wars website and the source article posted by Stewart Rhodes on The Activist website.

This stuff is right out of my book, Earth Sink. I kid you not. I wrote Earth Sink as a fictional dramatization of global affairs in the last days. Even I am surprised at how factual certain parts of my fictional work are becoming.

I lost a friend of 30 years over this book, because he was so profoundly offended by the stance I took in the story. When a fiction book costs you a 30 year friendship, it says something about the strong impact of the book or the weak foundation of the friendship, depending on how you look at it. Ironically, the people to whom the book Earth Sink most pointedly applies are the ones who least want to hear it.

Share this blog with everyone you know. I cannot stress enough how important it is to inform voters and concerned citizens about this. Exposing secret works of darkness is part of our duty inherent to life in our day and age. Never before has so much been done so ubiquitously to destroy the lives and the livelihoods of so many.

Tweet it, Facebook it, Digg it, Blog it, Email it, YouTube it, post it on every social media available. Make it go viral before it gets taken down.

I implore you to give particular attention to the last YouTube video address below by former United States Secretary of Agriculture to President Eisenhower, Ezra Taft Benson. It just cannot be said more clearly and plainly than this.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Object Generated Wormholes as Wake Effect Causing Superluminal Transit

I have a personal hypothesis I want to share about faster-than-light neutrinos. Actually, it is a hypothesis about superluminal mass of any composition.

Whenever you move a mass through a medium, that medium is disturbed or acted upon in some way by the mass traveling through it. For example, a bullet shot into water leaves a cavitation trail behind it. A supersonic aircraft drags a conical shock wave called a Mach cone. The aircraft remains inside its own Mach cone, and the Mach cone travels with the aircraft.

If the aircraft is hypersonic, meaning it is traveling faster than Mach five, its Mach cone begins to resemble a tapered tube of considerable length. The faster the aircraft moves through the medium, which is air in this case, the more extended and tubular the Mach cone becomes. Space and air are vastly dissimilar mediums, but consider the analogy.

Suppose a mass, say a neutrino, is traveling through space at a relativistic velocity, meaning it is subluminal but moving at nearly the speed of light. The faster an object moves, the more its mass increases, as measured by a stationary observer. This is called mass dilation. Ask Einstein.

While the mass of the object increases with speed, the size of the object does not increase. In a way, its size actually decreases as speed increases. To a stationary observer, the object appears compressed longitudinally. That is to say, it appears shortened along its direction of travel. Its mass increases with speed.

Mass affects space. Mass warps space. So, the faster our pet neutrino travels, the more it warps space in its local vicinity. Now, suppose our pet neutrino encounters a patch of dark matter or dark energy, or some other material about which we know little or nothing. Like a bullet slamming into water, our pet neutrino could create some disturbance in the medium. But, suppose, for whatever reasons based on physics elusive to our brightest minds, the disturbance is projected ahead of our fast moving neutrino rather than dragged behind it.

What would a cavitation trail or an elongated Mach cone resemble if you were to reverse it so it extends ahead of the object that is generating it? To my mind’s eye, it would sort of resemble what a wormhole might look like.

Suppose the combined effects of our fast moving neutrino on the medium it encounters and on localized space generate a wormhole proportional to the kinetic energy of the neutrino. Suppose the wormhole is projected ahead of the neutrino, precisely along the direction of travel.

Apply this concept to any particle of mass, not just neutrinos. Suppose the high-speed mass enters its own wormhole and emerges out the forward end of the wormhole, thus instantaneously advancing a discrete distance along the direction of travel. As soon as the mass emerges out the front end of the wormhole, the wormhole collapses behind the mass, somewhat like a cavitation bubble collapses behind an object moving rapidly through a liquid.

Suppose that, upon emerging from the forward end of its own wormhole, the object again encounters the right medium with the right set of parameters. The moving object generates a new wormhole and repeats this same quantum skipping routine again and again, somewhat analogous to a rock skipping across water, or a pulsejet propelling itself forward in rapid, short bursts.

So, there it is. Object generated, short lived wormholes might exist as forward projected wake phenomena associated with mass at high relativistic velocities transiting certain mediums under certain conditions. The net effect from the point of view of an observer is a mass moving at superluminal velocity.

And then, we open up another can of worms. We have what I call, for lack of better terminology, temporal kinetics and temporal inertia. These concepts are similar to the well known principles of kinetics and inertia dealing with moving objects. However, temporal kinetics and temporal inertia apply to objects moving through time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Faster-than-light Neutrinos. Old wires or new discovery?

In the limelight of science news is the possible discovery of neutrinos clocked at speeds exceeding the universal speed limit, which is the speed of light. Or have we entered cosmic Montana, where there is no speed limit at all?

The debate swirls around loose wires and equipment inaccuracies. It is not likely that we have stumbled upon a heretofore unkown realm of physics. Nevertheless, it is possible. Some claims are circulating that the experiment was duplicated and yielded consistent results showing superluminal neutrinos.

I think there are two possibilities, assuming no equipment errors or malfunctions. Either the neutrinos did go superluminal, or they did some type of teleportation across a certain distance while maintaining subluminal velocity.

The latter is, in my opinion, more likely. Think of it as if you were diving your car at a speed of 60 miles per hour (mph) on a 60-mile trip. The trip should take you exactly one hour. Suppose, somehow your car and everything in it gets teleported a total of 30 miles, either at once or in short, successive quantum bursts of small distances that add up to 30 miles, but do not take any time.

When you arrive at the end of your 60-mile trip, you have only been driving for 30 minutes, making it look like you have driven at a speed of 120 mph rather than the steady 60 mph indicated on your speedometer. During the teleportation events, no time elapsed, so your displacement through space was instantaneous. Your speedometer would not show a change in your velocity.

Your apparent average speed at your destination 60 miles away is calculated as being 120 mph, because you traveled 60 miles in half an hour. Nothing accounts for the fact that you teleported across 30 of those miles instantaneously.

Now it gets interesting. Suppose there was a policeman aiming his radar at you. Suppose one of his radar pulses hit you just before you entered one of your teleportation events that instantaneously displaced you a discrete half mile along your route. Suppose the next radar pulse hit you just after you emerged from that discrete half mile teleportation event. A few more radar pulses hit you as you drove along with your speedometer still showing a steady 60 mph.

The police radar averages your displacement over several radar pulses and spits out what the policeman considers a measured speed. His radar was working fine. However, that discrete half mile jump you made with zero time elapsed makes the radar indicate your speed as impossibly fast for a vehicle of your type. Suppose the vehicle you were driving was made by a car company called Neutrino.

Friday, February 17, 2012

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