Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Web Traffic in the Last Days

There are very few fiction books that describe the last days with sufficient detail and intensity to even begin to do justice to the subject. Most just gloss over the subject or sanitize it or water it down. But, there is one new book out that brings it home in a way that will leave no reader on neutral ground. The book is Earth Sink.

How is that relevant to website traffic? Well, ask yourself, what will make the internet obsolete. How many subjects get traffic by human thought each hour? Which subjects get the most human thought traffic, and what will be the state of mankind when that becomes a matter of public record? Read Earth Sink and find out.

Preview the entire book free at Free-Online-Novels and BookRix

Available for purchase in paperback on amazon.com and on the author's website at www.wix.com/ilyanlavanway/Earth-Sink

Also available as an eBook for only $.99 on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK

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