Monday, January 31, 2011

Corrupt Governments are Afraid of their People

Recently, the corrupt Egyptian government under Mubarak shut down all internet and cell phone communications within its borders in merely 20 minutes with a few simple phone calls to key industry leaders. Why? Partly to interrupt the flow of information among its citizens in a desperate attempt to preclude further exposure of corrupt government policies that are the root of public unrest. Partly to prevent coordination among civilians who are trying to free themselves from the grip of tyranny. Mostly because information in the hands of the people makes the people stronger than the government, and that frightens the hell out of the government. How can you discern how corrupt a government is? You can tell by how much a government fears its people, and by the measures a government takes to control the flow of information among its people.

Now the Chinese government is afraid of its own people, too. China has started blocking all internet searches related to Egypt. China is afraid its own people will become emboldened by the courageous stance taken by Egyptian citizens against the Egyptian government. The Chinese government is terrified of an uprising of Chinese citizens against the Chinese government. And we all know slave labor and human trafficking in China are among the most rampant of any country in the world.

You could start a gambling ring by placing bets on which countries will shut down civilian communications or impose some form of martial law as a preemptive measure against civilian revolts. Don't forget to include the Obama administration in your wagers. After all, this is America under Kenyan rule with an open door policy to radical Islam and an apologetic attitude of submission to the global community.

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