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Earth Sink (ISBN 9780976800439) apocalyptic science fiction shocker by Ilyan Kei Lavanway

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Earth Sink (ISBN 9780976800439) is a visionary new apocalyptic science fiction epic by Ilyan Kei Lavanway. The book Earth Sink offers insights into and theological anthropology and eschatology. Written mostly in narrative form, it spans a period of time from before the creation of the earth to the end of days. Earth Sink contains personal dreams experienced by the author. The book is based in part on the author's dreams.

Events without precedent are manifesting in our day. We are alive to witness and experience things that have never before transpired in all of Earth's history. Read Earth Sink and discover the key to mankind's future.

The end of days does not have to be horrific and dreadful. We have the key to mitigate many if not all of the terrifying attributes of the last days. The key that can change it all has been on the earth since 1836, but less than one percent of all living inhabitants of Earth are even aware of it, and far fewer are doing anything about it. Those few who attempt to apply the key face progressively mounting odds that defy imagination. A war they had long forgotten catches up with them as modern political forces perpetuate a timeless conspiracy. Virtually all of Earth's deceased inhabitants are keenly aware of the key, but they depend entirely upon the living to apply it. The eternal future of mankind literally rests upon a scant few who must brave all odds, both natural and unnatural.

Did you know that the Colorado River did not form the Grand Canyon? Read Earth Sink and find out what did. Then, be aware that similar events could likely recur, but in populated areas.

Have you ever wondered what will be the state of the human race on Earth when there is no one left to be born? Have you ever contemplated the difference between immortality and simply living forever? When mankind develops technology that makes you live forever, does it mean you are immortal?

Suppose someone developed a means of tapping into an infinite or self-replenishing universal reservoir of energy in a safe, cheap, simple, tangible way. Imagine a simple device like a spark plug that could power a city or be used as a direct replacement for the conventional spark plugs in your car's engine, making your engine run without a drop of fuel and produce far more power and zero emissions, all with no other modifications necessary. Just install them and drive away.

Have you ever thought that time itself could be used as a sort of capacitor to store energy and to control the release of that stored energy on demand? Is there more to the fabric of spacetime than just space and time? Could it be that space and time and matter and energy are all controllable rearrangements of the same substance, a substance that circumscribes everything into one great whole?

Have you ever considered the possibility that planets orbiting a star were not necessarily created in the vicinity of the star they orbit? Could they have been placed there on purpose from somewhere else? If so, why?

Have you ever wondered what singular event on this earth is so important that the inhabitants of other worlds, including human beings indigenous to other worlds, have never been permitted to intervene or interfere with the proceedings upon this earth? So, what about all the alien encounters and UFO sightings? Could there be something else going on?

Did you know that the spirits of the dead are not the ones communicating through people who supposedly channel spirits of the deceased? So, who is really doing the talking, and how do they know so much about you? Why do they remember things you have long forgotten? How can they so convincingly pose as someone you knew?

Did you know that a cloned human, or any cloned life for that matter, is not the same as its genetic benefactor? What is it that makes the clone different? What is the nature of the interface between the flesh and the spirit inhabiting that flesh? Why are some spirits so interested in experimenting with that interface? What are they ultimately trying to do?

Earth Sink uncovers the primeval roots of prevailing sociopolitical agendas and secret societies. The book exposes the origins and the truth behind influences operating works of darkness to drive a progressive global state of affairs that exclusively favors the world's elites at the expense of liberty and individual freedoms. The story warns about the deliberate dismantling of the United States constitution from the inside by a compromised and corrupted executive branch of American government collaborating with secret combinations of banking cartels, mega corporations, and terrorist organizations. The most powerful position in the world is handed over to diabolical figures bent on seating a world government that opposes every virtue that once set mankind above beasts.

Apocalyptic consequences leading up to the second coming of Jesus Christ are unrelentingly drilled home in overwhelmingly graphic detail unleashed from the vivid and explosive imagination of the author. The end times have already been underway longer than you realize.

Earth Sink is a must read. It may alienate some readers. Some readers may find parts of the story extremely disturbing, offensive, and controversial. While written as fiction, the story alludes to the serious truth of what is going on and what is not going on around us and among us right now. In addition to whetting the inquisitive mind with a glimpse of current cutting edge science and futuristic technologies, Earth Sink is politically relevant and spiritually applicable.

Earth Sink extrapolates a possible future from past and present issues. Read the story as if it were real. Some of it is unequivocally real. Some of it may become real. Ponder it carefully and decide for yourself what you think is real and what you think is fiction. Beware, your time will soon run out. Earth Sink was written to do more than merely entertain. It was written as a wake up call to change lives, hopefully for the better.

Earth Sink sheds some light on the war that will never end. Earth Sink is packed with politically relevant, spiritually vital, and technologically visionary issues. Earth Sink is an intensely descriptive mix of fact and fiction. Earth Sink is a new kind of science fiction book unlike any other. It actually affects you. Earth Sink is fiction that will likely become history, starring someone you know. Earth Sink is about how mankind could have avoided the apocalypse. Earth Sink is the story no one wants to hear. Earth Sink is 2012 on steroids. Earth Sink is the sunglasses Roddy Piper found in the movie They Live. It’s only fiction until it’s not.

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Preview the entire book free at Free-Online-Novels and BookRix

Available for purchase in paperback on and on the author's website at

Also available as an eBook for only $.99 on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & noble NOOK

Earth Sink, it's already beginning...

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  1. I finished your book. Very riveting... even terrifying.... And wow... State of affairs is quite a dark chapter. The sad thing about that chapter is- that's stuff that human history likely participated more frequently than is talked about.

    Might try to market this to some Marylin Manson fans... Seriously.

    Even though revisions could help, I liked how you framed the underlying principles. One can easily draw a comparison between what is good and what is evil by your illustrations.

    Your explanation and warning in the preface was needed... there is some very offensive and graphic stuff that many will find disturbing to say the least .

    What you wrote in the postface and the references you included are really what made the book for me.

    I really hope those that do read your book will not miss the value of the message by being overly critical about the darker material presented in the book.


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