Friday, February 17, 2012

New 2012 Anti Obama Bumper Sticker

Just released. Stock up on these incomprehensibly hilarious and absolutely appropriate 2012 political bumper stickers on eBay. Get one now. These won't last long.

Get this 2012 collectible anti-Obama bumper sticker today. It's the debut collectible from Lavanimal's all new 2012 Pre-election Collection. Add these stickers to your 2012 repertoire before they sell out or get banned.

Boldly display this new 2012 anti-Obama bumper sticker in a highly conspicuous location so everyone can see it. Every conservative in America should have one of these stickers. Put one on your car, on your desk, on your luggage, on your backpack, on you text books, on your toilet, on your school toilets, on your workplace toilets if you still have a job, and at your place of business if you still have a business. Paste these all over your local unemployment office. Put them in your doctor's office, dentist's office, and therapist's office. If you are late for an appointment or a meeting, hand out this bumper sticker. This is your best excuse ever.

You can put a fece in the oval office, but it's still a fece.

Click here or click the images below to look for these stickers on eBay.

Hope in Chains anti-Obama political bumper sticker, new controversial political bumper sticker design from Lavanimal's 2012 Pre-election Colletion


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