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Revolutionary engine concepts and the conspiracies that keep them out of reach

There are some inspiring engine concepts in the book, Earth Sink. Read pages 104-108, and pages 337-339 for a glimpse of what I call the zero fuel positron pulse plug. The concept is based on a dream I had several years ago that is described in the book. Also of interest are the fanless duct aircraft engines mentioned in Earth Sink, pages 383-385.

As a side note, anyone interested in meteorology (weather), might be intrigued by the text surrounding the above mentioned pages. Parts of the story are packed with meteorological phenomena. There's a lot of geological stuff going on, too.

Conspiracies of one type or another have kept any truly revolutionary ideas away from the internal combustion engine and all related industries. One such example is ongoing. Try getting your hands on an Axial Vector Engine.

The Axial Vector Engine, previously called the Dyna-Cam Engine, was bought out and perfected by a company now called the Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AVEC), based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). No surprise there. AVEC also has an office in the United States, conveniently located in Virginia.

Not only does AVEC produce the most efficient and versatile and robust piston engines in the world, they also build the most efficient and ingenious electric generators in the world. The generators are coupled with axial vector engines, making an unbeatable combination for field use anywhere in the world. The generators boast an astonishing 98 percent efficiency in converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The axial vector engine is arguably the most efficient and durable piston engine out there, and it's actually in operation. Its power to weight ratio rivals that of modern turbine engines, and its specific fuel consumption rivals that of the best automotive engines without skimping on power or torque. In fact, its torque is downright jaw dropping and stump puling. Imagine an engine as light as a turbine engine putting out torque in excess of the best diesel truck engines. That's the AVEC engine for you.

Did I mention that the Axial Vector Engine is a multi-fuel operational, fully electronic internal combustion engine? That means, it can automatically detect and burn any combustible liquid, or mixture of such liquids. It electronically adjusts fuel metering, ignition timing, and valve timing on the fly.

It's not some over-hyped concept being pushed by some obscure startup venture claiming to have invented the holy grail of internal combustion engines while offering little more than a questionable prototype and a lot of calculations and expected results. AVEC is the real deal. I admire the engine, but I despise the conspiracy AVEC is supporting.

Try to buy one of these axial vector engines and see what happens. They are only marketed to military and government clients. Consumers are forbidden to acquire one.

I should know. I called AVEC and asked how to buy one. Of course, I couldn't even begin to afford one. I just wanted to see if it would be possible for a consumer, a private citizen, to get one. It's not. Probably never will be.

It's design is so simple and ingenious, it would provoke a revamp of the entire petroleum and parts related industries if offered to consumers. We can't have private citizens moving toward energy independence on a national scale now, can we? Nor can we have the jet age of commercial aviation going back to piston engine, propeller driven aircraft, even though AVEC powered propeller driven airliners, and cargo planes for that matter, would surpass current airliners in performance and efficiency and ease of maintenance, not to mention low noise signatures. Ships, trains, and heavy equipment would greatly benefit from the monstrous torque, simplicity, longevity, and scalability of AVEC engines.

There's only one significant disadvantage to the AVEC engine. It's held out of reach by conspirators that do not want the world to become a better place. The money they could be making by releasing this engine to the open markets is likely overshadowed by the money they get handed to them by governments and secret societies demanding that the engines be distributed for strictly dictated purposes. Or else.

NASCAR and Indy would get their shorts all in a bunch. The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) would probably change the rules for their Unlimited Class qualifications, just like they did before the 2005 race season, ousting a guy named David Rose who was building a supersonic piston engine aircraft called Renegade. That very year, the Unlimited Class conveniently began requiring a minimum aircraft empty weight of 4500 pounds. Renegade weighed around 2500 pounds empty.

David Rose wasn't even using an AVEC engine in Renegade, which would have been ideal due to the engine's small frontal area. But then again, AVEC is off limits to private citizens, remember. David Rose was going to go supersonic on a modified automotive engine, and RARA legislatively black balled him. Imagine what RARA would do if somebody were to attempt to enter an AVEC powered aircraft into the Reno Air Races. Aside from cleaning up the bricks falling out of their staff members' pants. Same goes for the Red Bull Air Races.

I called RARA and asked about Renegade and the all too convenient timing of the rule change. RARA told me it was for safety concerns over wake turbulence caused by the heavier World War Two fighter plane contestants that traditionally dominate the class. Yes, wake turbulence is a concern, but so is a sure win by a guy who challenges long standing incumbents by introducing a scratch built aircraft that would be unbeatable by a margin of well over 100 knots.

Did I mention, the AVEC engine is omnivorous? It can burn any combustible liquid, and it's fully electronic. It's capable of detecting fuel types and adjusting ignition and intake and exhaust timings on the fly. We can't allow such versatility to fall into consumer hands, now can we? That would be unthinkable!

Yes, I believe there are conspiracies behind the fact that no new idea has succeeded in revolutionizing the internal combustion engine. And it pisses me off.

Enhanced Fujita Scale of tornado intensity.

Saffir-Simpson Scale of hurricane intensity.

Torino Impact Hazard Scale.

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