Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just a teaser, a shadow of things to come.

Glacier ice melt

Huffington Post Article:
Warming Ocean Could Melt Ice Faster Than Thought.

Happy Fourth of July! Let us never forget the freedoms we enjoy and those who gave their lives to bless us with liberty. Now, keep that in mind as you ponder your assigned reading.

Read Earth Sink pages 109 through 112, and then read pages 165 through 167. It's only fiction 'til it's not!

Stay tuned. More to follow. It's not like you can miss it. These things seem to have a way of getting your attention whether you want them to or not. The real fireworks begin at some undetermined date in the near future.

While one scholar, named Dr. David B. Cohen, had myself and a few others excited about a possible Aleph Ori supernova on 22 and 23 September, 2011, that prediction, like so many others, was entirely false. It was one of the most convincing and seemingly scripture-based predictions ever proffered. But, it was wrong, and I was wrong to embrace it.

Lesson learned. Look to the living prophet and apostles for a well grounded understanding of events to come. Specific dates predicted by scholars will almost inevitably be incorrect. Why? Likely because dates of the signs of the times are in a state of flux, based in part on our obedience or disobedience to God.

Unless a prophet or an apostle specifies a date for the fulfillment of a particular sign or prophecy, there probably is no set date. That means be ready every day, as if today were the day. If we procrastinate, it will be too late for us when the day of fulfillment arrives.

Being ready does not merely mean storing food and water and survival gear and weapons and fuel and ammunition. It most importantly means be mentally and emotionally prepared to face traumatic adversities and tragedies and even your own death. That is really what it means to say that those who are prepared have no need to fear. As long as you stay square with Jesus Christ, nothing can overcome you or scare you.

The final word on any predictions regarding the last days ultimately rests with the living prophet and the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anyone else is probably wrong. You should not stop studying the matter. Just realize where the final authority on the matter rests.

Happy studying!

Enhanced Fujita Scale of tornado intensity.

Saffir-Simpson Scale of hurricane intensity.

Torino Impact Hazard Scale.

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