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Earth Sink Book Highlights (contains spoiler)

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Teaser factoid: If you look at the back cover of the book, and turn it upside down, the glowing crack in the ground spells the word "wo", representing the woes foretold to come upon the wicked.

Below are a few pages of the book Earth Sink that you might find particularly interesting. Please note that Earth Sink does not read like a conventional novel. It is mostly narrative, and my personal dreams are injected into the text like islands in a sea of prose. Much of the value of the story is hidden in the prose, and it takes a reader willing to seek out the hidden messages to fully appreciate the book, much like we must seek out the hidden meanings of our own lives, which is no easy task, but well worth the effort. The story itself is fictional, and I make no claims to speak prophecies or doctrines, but I do like to say: It's only fiction 'til it's not.

Pages 20-21
Degrees of eternal existence described as concentric spheres, like layers of an onion.

Pages 47-49
The adversarial "New Order" is organized prior to mortal life. Later in the book, "The World Order" becomes the mortal arm of "The New Order" in the adversarial role. This has been happening, more or less, in current events of our day.

Pages 101-104
The mediator organizes matter by the power of his thoughts. He perceives an entire cosmology as one contiguous whole. Matter, energy, space, and time are all interchangeable and are specific manifestations of one dynamic, eternal substance.

Pages 105-121
Personal dreams, which, when put together, lead me to have some understanding of the dynamics of particles as small as protons and the formation of entire universes. One of these dreams showed me what I can only consider to be a representation of the pre-mortal inhabitants of worlds of the same order as this Earth, and their pre-mortal relationship with us who were assigned to this Earth. This has significance to me, as it has helped me understand that this earth is the seat of the atonement of Jesus Christ, which has far-reaching and eternal effects for all worlds created by Christ and populated by the direct offspring of our Heavenly Father (God). It also has significance to me in helping me understand that even if this earth were utterly wasted at the second coming of Christ, the eternal plans of Heavenly Father cannot be frustrated, and the atonement has been accomplished for all of Heavenly Father's direct offspring, regardless of what worlds they are assigned to inhabit.

Pages 133-136
Personal experience, not a dream, but it taught me something about the interface between our mortal bodies and our spirits, leading me to understand that our spirits do not merely inhabit our bodies like a hand inside a glove, but are actually integrated with our bodies. This experience was perhaps something similar to what Joseph Smith described happening as he began praying in the grove, just before being visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus. If nothing else, my own experience makes me appreciate what Joseph Smith had to experience, and increases my testimony of the reality of his divine calling.

Pages 148-149
Suggests the concept of the adversary's attempts to corrupt memories, making people believe that the mere intention to accomplish vicarious work is a memory of having done the work, when, in reality, no such work had been completed. This could be one reason for keeping hand-written, personal journals of our own lives, as a protection against memory alteration.

Pages 159-165
Personal dreams that describe various natural disasters and war-torn settings. Subsequent pages get back to the fictional storyline, much of which is likely to become non-fiction very soon. These dreams have not come to pass exactly as I had dreamed them, at least not yet, but some similar events have been in the news recently, and it is not a stretch to imagine many more occurring in the near future. These dreams have helped me prepare my mind for the things we are likely to face at some point on the earth. I may not survive all of them, but I will not be surprised by any of them, and I consider that a blessing.

Pages 171-174
The United States constitution is dissolved by corrupt politics designed to protect those who misused it to climb to power, so they cannot be removed by the same system they manipulated to gain their positions. The dissolution of the U.S. constitution paves the way for the corrupt "World Order".

Pages 205-208
Human longevity technology hits unprecedented breakthroughs but is applied for corrupt purposes in opposition to all that is good. An organizational structure of high world government mimics but entirely misrepresents and counterfeits the concept of leadership by a council of three and a council of twelve. Note that at this point in the book, human conception had ceased entirely. In other words, there was no one left to be born. The breakthrough known as "The Maker Project" had been unsuccessful until the last human conception had occurred. After the last human conception had reached maturity, "The Maker Project" suddenly produced results, posing new questions: If there was no one left to be born, why was global population increasing, and if people had once been concerned about overpopulation, why the paradigm shift toward orchestrating a population explosion?

Pages 298-303
Technology affords the ability to create, or render, material objects with the use of the mind and a quantum network of neural activity, like a highly advanced and intelligent wireless network that does not depend on the propagation of electromagnetic energy to function. This technology gives rise to a corrupt, false god known as "The New Messiah", and the world has one politically approved religion, a sort of Zion counterfeit.

Pages 305-306
Personal dream of large square pits being dug by precision explosives. Initially, they seemed to be some sort of shelters, but were intended, instead, to be mass graves operated by a corrupt government.

Pages 387-408 (story ends here, so this is a spoiler)
Christ, who has been observing the inhabitants of Earth for a few decades in plain sight, literally the only light visible in the darkened skies, finally returns, and all is not well. This follows a series of overlapping, global-scale calamities, more or less representative of the woes described in the New Testament Book of Revelation. The half-hour of silence in heaven spoken of in Revelation is assumed to be about 21 years on Earth (calculated from one day for God being 1,000 years for Earth), and is fictionally dramatized in the story as being a period of dead calm, which by itself generates disastrous consequences. In the story, it is a period of calm before the storms, or a lull between storms.

This is one book you can judge by its cover. Note that the Postface and References offer some comfort and hope.

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